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The Cosmic Radio Interference Detector

This project is creating a device that can detect and interpret the patterns of cosmic radio interference to reveal hidden messages from extraterrestrial civilizations. By analyzing the frequencies and patterns of these signals, the Cosmic Radio Interference Detector can uncover messages from advanced alien civilizations, providing insight into their culture and technology.

The Quantum Radio


This project is developing a radio transceiver that uses quantum entanglement to transmit messages instantaneously over vast distances. By entangling particles and using them to transmit information, the Quantum Radio Transceiver can communicate across the universe in real-time. It's like having a conversation with someone on the other side of the galaxy – without the lag!

The Interstellar Broadcasting Satellite

This project is creating a satellite network that can broadcast television and radio signals across the galaxy. By using satellite communication technology and advanced signal processing techniques, the Interstellar Broadcasting Satellite can transmit entertainment and information to other planets and civilizations. Who knows, you might even catch a rerun of your favorite show on a planet millions of light-years away!


Discover the hidden dangers of cosmic rays and how PX-3 is leading the charge to protect communication technology from their disruptive effects.


Take a journey through time and explore the fascinating evolution of space communication, from the early days of Sputnik to modern space missions.

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